Job Hunting? Create a Resume Website – 101 Website Ideas

Job Hunting? Create a Resume Website – 101 Website Ideas

Are you Job Hunting?

To stand out when job hunting you need a hook that hiring managers don’t see every day.  A personal resume website can help you stand out from the crowd and give you a boost over your competition.  Getting your own site setup can be quick, easy and effective.

The résumé site

One of the easiest ways to share your résumé or CV is to setup a website to host the information.  It can be as simple as a one page HTML document that mimics your word processed format or, if you really want to stand out, you can use WordPress to produce a well organized, fully functional website to communicate your experience and capability.

Here’s an outline of a starter site to get you going.

The Landing Page

Setup a landing page by first creating a page named welcome or home or whatever name you like.  This page should be a summary of who you are and what you do.  It should include a statement about what motivates you and what your goals are, both professionally and personally.

It shouldn’t be longer than three or four paragraphs.  You will save more in depth details for later on the About page.

Once the content is added go to your WordPress settings and set the home page option to a Static page and select the page you just created.

Now, when visitors arrive at your site they will be greeted by your landing page and immediately start to get a sense of who you are.

The About Page

On the about page you will go into detail about your work history.  This page will more closely resemble a typical résumé.  It should have Education and positions you’ve worked in with dates of employment, accomplishments and responsibilities.  However, it should be more narrative than bullet points.  Tell a story of how you’ve grown through your experiences.

At the end of the about page the reader should have a sense of the progress you’ve made in your career and what challenge you are ready to accept now.  They should understand your capabilities and have a good understanding of the roles that would be a good fit with your strengths and abilities.  You will reinforce this understanding on the next page, The Portfolio.

The Portfolio Page

Your portfolio is your showcase.  It is the place to let your past work shine.  Use the medium that works best for your work: pictures, video, audio, text excerpts, or whatever is most appropriate to what you do.  WordPress websites support a wide variety of ways to present your work in ways that make it more interactive than just a text description.

Give the person viewing your portfolio a taste of who you are and what you can do.  They will remember you better for it.

The References Page

Typical résumés usually include something along the lines of, “References available on request”.  That can be rather annoying.  Instead, with a WordPress website, you are able to list your references, describe your working relationship, and include a testimonial.  This has much more impact for the reader.

If your reference is ok with it you can even provide a means of contacting them from your site.

This brings us to the the final page of your site, the contact page.

The Contact Page

This page is the hub for all your contact information.  It should include a Telephone number, email address, social media profiles, and a contact form.

Using the Contact Form 7 plugin makes adding a contact form to your page simple.  Just create a contact form in the plugin settings and paste the short code into the page editor wherever you would like the form to be placed.  You will have a nicely formatted contact form connected to the email account you setup for your WordPress site.

You’ve just made it simple for anyone to connect with you by whatever means they prefer.

A few last words…

With the pages above you will have a solid foundation for a résumé site that you can share with potential employers when job hunting.  It’s easy to keep up to date as your experience grows so that it’s always ready to send out at a moments notice.

A WordPress website like this shows your initiative and helps you stand out from the crowd.  It lets you show off your strengths in a way that a paper résumé does not.

This type of website isn’t difficult or expensive to setup.  Our Pro website option will let you get started in minutes.


When’s the last time you updated your résumé?

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